Safety Seminar:Resource fear, Door Prize, and more

Yunju Nam namyj1 at
Wed Nov 8 11:24:16 EST 1995

			 10th Annual Meera Memorial
			Women's Safety Seminar Series
				Part I
		     Safety in the Home & Residence Hall

			Monday, November 13, 1995
			   10 am - 2 pm
			   Stiteler Hall

			Come and Learn How to Protect Yourself!
			Have a Chance to win a Door Prize!
			(Door Prize Items : 30 Min Long-distance Phone Card,
			Movie Passes, Bike Locks, Opera Dress Rehearsal Ticket
			Gift Certicate to Museum gift shop, 
			Caller ID unit & Phone) 		    	


10:00 am	Opening & Welcome    		Jennifer Pollitt
						Social Work Intern, PWC	

10:30 am	Introduction			Office of Health Education
		STAAR presentation		STARR

11:45 am  	Drawing for Fabulour Prize	Jennifer Pollitt

12:00 pm 	Welcome				Valerie Cade-Mccoullum
						Associate Vice Provost
		Introduction of Series 		Barbara Cassel
						Assistant Vice Provost
		Moment for Meera & Others       Elena DiLapi
						Director, Penn Women's Center

12:15 pm	Introduction			Maureen Rush
						Chief, Victim Support
		Keynote Speaker			Mimi Rose
		Domestic Violence &		Chief of the Family Violence/
	 	Other Violence against Women    Sexual Assault Unit, 
						DA's Office

12:45 pm	Drawing for Fabulous Prize	Jennifer Pollitt

 1:00 pm	Introduction			OFAS
		Self-defense Demonstration

 1:45 pm	Closing Remarks			Jenniffer Pollitt

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