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Sara Krausert 2ap8krausert at vms.csd.mu.edu
Thu Nov 9 01:17:35 EST 1995

Hi. Last November, my research assistant and I butted into your group
and asked for your help in identifying fictional heroines. I asked: who
were your heroines when you were growing up? The response was
outstanding, and I hope you will accept my belated but sincere
thanks for your help. FYI -- there were at least 57 heroes and
heroines out there. They ranged from Capt. Kirk to Pollyanna to
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. If you're interested in a more detailed list,
let me know and I will send it on!

Thanks to your help, my research project is moving on and if you don't
mind, I'd like your help again. As you may or may not know, most of
what has been written about American popular culture has ignored the
reading experiences of young women. The 1993 Nancy Drew Conference
and the subsequent book "Rediscovering Nancy Drew" have begun to
address this, but much more can be said. Hence my new request:

I am looking for women who are willing to talk (via e-mail, of course)
with me about their reading experiences as young women and the impact,
if any, that had on their adult lives or development into adults. If you are
interested in telling your story and answering a few questions, I would like
to hear from you. My internet mailbox is Garnera at vms.csd.mu.edu

Thanks for the time and space.

Ana Garner

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