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Jody K. Hirsh jkh141 at
Mon Nov 13 17:34:46 EST 1995

In article <488ag4$kjr at>, eabraham at says...
>A femal dental hygienist who has been accepted to a Dental school
>but can not afford the tuition?   I am asking in the way of fellowships, 
scholarships etc...
>If anyone knows of any such establishments please let me know. 
>Edna Abraham
The best advice I could give her is to not go to dental school! I don't know 
what it's like in Canada, but it's horrible here. It's very hard to make a 
decent living especially considering the cost of the education.  In the US 
many dentists are only doing hygeine anyways.  I'm not a dentist but my 
husband is one. I'm a scientist ....but that's another story...

Jody K. Hirsh
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL.   USA
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