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> >  Over age 40, female, and my first semester of my Ph.D. program.  The 
> >number of questions and lack of understanding (on my part) is formidable. 
> > Would anyone care to discuss, i.e. general advice, or is this a muddle 
> >through as best you can situation.
> >
> >Martha Lanclos <mcl7821 at
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> Hi Martha;
> No, this is not just a muddle through situation. Try to start reading the 
> literature surrounding your thesis topic. If you're not sure where to begin, 
> try journals that specialize in review articles to get a feel for your areas of 
> interest. Your supervisor and any one who has been supervised by this person 
> (your lab mates) should also be able to help with suggestions, but don't 
> forget to get the papers that have recently been published by your lab. Good 
> luck.
> Mickie

Hi Martha;
	I have just finished my PhD at the age of 42. I found that my
understanding of  basic concepts was greatly improved since my
undergraduate days but my short term memory was very rusty. Studing for
exams was very difficult and my marks were lower than I had expected. The
good new is that my years of experience helped me in the lab and the
experimental part of my program went well. So if you can survive the first
year or two, you'll do well. Keep at it!


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