Any assistance available for ....

Mara Michelle Casar mmc9 at
Thu Nov 16 08:46:45 EST 1995

Edna Abraham (eabraham at wrote:

: A femal dental hygienist who has been accepted to a Dental school
: but can not afford the tuition?   I am asking in the way of fellowships, scholarships etc...

: If anyone knows of any such establishments please let me know. 

: BTW we already know of the AAUW (American Association of University Women)
: but they do not have dentistry in the `Selected Professions fellowships' 
: list.  :<

: I am seeking the information for my sister.  Please e-mail me your replies
: as I do not get a chance to read the news group as often as I would like to.

: Thanks a million

: Edna Abraham


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