Urgent - Respond to Utah Wilderness Poll TODAY!

Carla Holley holleyc at admin.ci.seattle.wa.us
Thu Nov 16 20:14:48 EST 1995

ACTION ALERT! - Respond to Utah Wilderness Poll This Weekend TODAY
E-Mail Must Be Sent By Thursday, November 16

USA Weekend Magazine, a Sunday newspaper insert similar to Parade magazine, ran a piece on the Utah 
wilderness battle on Sunday, November 5.  The
piece included a section by Robert Redford advocating real wilderness
designation, a piece by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) advocating the Utah
delegation's bad "wilderness bill" and a balanced piece written by a USA
Weekend reporter.  USA Weekend is received by over 23 million readers each
A reader's opinion poll will follow the piece and the results will be
presented to Redford, Hatch and the President.  We must win this vote on
wilderness by as large a margin as possible.

To vote for real wilderness designation you can respond by e-mail 

* send an e-mail to usaweekend at aol.com
* place WEST in the subject field
* write I AGREE WITH REDFORD as the message

If you have questions about Utah or the USA Weekend story please call or email
Dan Smuts at 202-675-2385, Dan.Smuts at sierraclub.org or Liz McCoy at 
202-675-7910, liz.mccoy at sierraclub.org  


The battle over the designation of Utah Bureau of Land Management wilderness
areas in Utah continues to rage after over 15 years of study and debate.  

The Utah Wilderness Coalition, comprised of over 90 local and national groups,
compiled a citizen's wilderness proposal which has been introduced as
legislation since 1989.  This bill, America's Redrock Wilderness Act, calls
for the protection of 5.7 million acres of wilderness in Utah.  Representative
Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) has introduced the bill, HR 1500, this session.  The
bill currently has 97 co-sponsors. 

In January, UT Governor Leavitt and the Utah congressional delegation
initiated a process to gather public opinion about wilderness designation.  Of
the testimony collected 73.1% supported the citizen's proposal to protect 5.7
million acres of land as wilderness.  Even with this overwhelming support for
wilderness, the delegation, with the exception of Representative Bill Orton,
still introduced atrocious "wilderness" legislation in the House and

The delegations bill, the Utah Public Lands Management Act MUST BE STOPPED. 
The bad bills, HR 1745 and S 884, call for the protection of a mere 1.8
million acres of BLM land as "wilderness" and allows for future construction
of dams, roads, pipe and power lines, communication facilities, motorized
water craft, as well as off road vehicle use in these "wilderness" areas. 
This definition of wilderness is a joke which will undermine the 1964
Wilderness Act and could adversely effect future designation of wilderness
accross the country! 

In addition, HR 1745 and S 884 include "hard release language" which has not
been included in any previously passed wilderness legislation.  This bill
would expressly prohibit the BLM from protecting the wilderness
characteristics of areas not designated wilderness therefore mandating the
release of pristine desert lands for development!  HR 1745 and S 884 must be
stopped or the face of wilderness could be changed FOREVER!

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