NO research without teaching?

mary karczewski mk32e at
Fri Nov 17 10:57:15 EST 1995

kkaye at wrote:
>I have found Tamara's setting up teaching as in some way non-academic to be
>affronting and rather odd. <snip>
>Nothing teaches you like teaching others.
>My two cents!
>Katherine J. Kaye
>Oxford University

As someone who recently went theough an undergraduate career and am now 
in my third year of a graduate program- I would like to say that while I 
agree in principle with this post- there is nothing worse than being 
taught by someone who doesn't want to be teaching.  I have had several 
classes over the years taught by folks who would rather be in the lab, or 
who thought the basic classes were beneath them, or just didn't like 
students!  They were always unapproachable for questions, and on the 
whole the class learned very little.  I would say to Tamara- examine your 
feelings and if you do not want to teach and feel that you would do a 
poor job- don't force it!  Not everyone has the patience for teaching, 
and the students can suffer for it.  I can't wait for the opportunity to 
teach and I think I would be an ok teacher, but only time will tell!

my $0.02 

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