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>Hello, I am a fifth year genetics major at U.C. Davis, and I am writing
>paper that relates to women and science. ......[snip]  or if you can
give me some further direction where to go with my 
>research on this topic.  I need information from both sides of the

There have been two special issues on Women and Science in the AAAS
Science magazine, I'd start there (Science 260:265, 1993 and 263:1467,
1994).  There is also a very good book on the subject called "The Outer
Circle" by Zuckerman, Cole and Bruer.  Try also books by Evelyn Fox
Keller and Ruth Bleier (sp?).  Another route would be to contact the
Association for Women in Science in D.C., or try your local chapter.

Don't be discouraged about combining career and family, just do it and
make it work!  Don't try to do it without a husband who's a full partner,
however.  Also, it really helps if you have enough money for good child
care, or if you are close enough to family or friends that can help you
when the inevitable child care crises arise.

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