netiquette, WAS teratogens in molecular biol labs?

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Tue Nov 21 14:16:18 EST 1995

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>On 15 Nov 1995, Sarah L. Pallas wrote:
>> >Does anyone know of any advice to pregnant women working in 
>> >molecular biology labs regarding the risks to the unborn child?

One of the most important bits of netiquette is to be sure that you are
correctly assigning authorship to posts when you reprint them.  I did not
write the above quote, rather I was one of those who answered the
original question.  It was originally posed by K.Platts at
(Dr Kathryn Platts).

There is a newsgroup that will provide info about netiquette, I think
it's called newusers or something.  If you're not sure how to post, check
there before you try it, or read this group for awhile so that you can
see what conventions are followed by the readers.  

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