teratogens in molecular biol labs?

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Wed Nov 22 11:58:55 EST 1995

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> On 15 Nov 1995, Sarah L. Pallas wrote:
> > >Does anyone know of any advice to pregnant women working in  university 
> > >molecular biology labs regarding the risks to the unborn child?
> I worked in a mol biol lab til I was 8 months pregnant and wore gloves 
> all the time and a lead vest (very heavy!!) whilst using 32P.  My baby is 
> perfect, if thats any help.  I personally wouldn't use 125I or be in the 
> same lab as anyone using it.
> Una

Maybe it will ease your mind to hear of other women in the same situation. 
I had two children while working as a Postdoc in a mol. bio. lab, and there
were several babies born to other women in the lab in the same time frame,
all with no problems.  I used normal precautions, i.e. gloves, working in a
hood with volatiles, and read material safety data sheets for chemicals I
used.  I also was not shy about telling other people in the lab to use
precautions if I caught them doing something that might affect me.  I would
not recommend using lead for work with 32P, because of the Bremstrallung
radiation.  Good luck!

Deborah Britt, Ph.D.
Medical Oncology
RI Hospital/Brown University

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