Looking for comp. bio. work in NJ/NYC area

Dawn Cohen dcohen at cs.pitt.edu
Wed Nov 22 10:56:59 EST 1995

I'll  be moving for family reasons  to Northern NJ  very  soon, so I'm
looking out for  work around there,  and I'm hoping someone here might
know of some jobs (preferably not dependent on soft money).

My  Ph.D.    is  in Computer   Science, but  it  involved  analysis of
crystallographic DNA structure data, and  I'm still very interested in
applications in molecular biology.  I've been working on a post-doc in
computational biology at  the  Keck  Center  in Pittsburgh,  since  my

I'd  be interested in anything  from  designing/developing software or
GUI's  for  molecular structure  analysis to  rational drug  design to
research on   specific computational   biology problems,  using  novel
computational  techniques.   I'm    interested   in  AI,    databases,
algorithms, and graphical interfaces.

I'd  greatly  appreciate  any leads on   jobs  in  NJ/NYC   for people
interested in computational biology.

--Dawn Cohen

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