teratogens in molecular biol labs?

Chinami Aruga chinami at tanabe.co.jp
Tue Nov 21 23:13:24 EST 1995

At 23:35 95.11.13 -0800, Dr Kathryn Platts wrote:
Platts>Does anyone know of any advice to pregnant women working in  university 
Platts>molecular biology labs regarding the risks to the unborn child?
Platts>I have had little sucess in getting any advice. I have accessed the 
Platts>catalog of teratogenic agents by  TH Shepard but the information is not 
Platts>directly relevant. 

 There are numerous agents, but none is demonstrate its safety for pregnant
women perfectly. Teratogenic effects are influenced by many factors (ex.
amount, timing of exposure). Information we can get from those catalogs are
only accumulation of clinical case reports, epidemiological data and data
from laboratory animals. Only we can do is to surmise from these data case
by case. However my one advice is " In organogenetic phase (about 20-56 day
of gestation), to be most careful! "  
  Not only teratogenic effects, there is risks of reproductive deffects. We
must to pay attention in prepregnant and lactation period.

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