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Karin Rengefors Karin.Rengefors at limno.uu.se
Thu Nov 23 08:07:19 EST 1995

I'm a graduate student in freshwater ecology at Uppsala University in
Sweden. I'm presently taking a class about women and (their) research in
the sciences. In this class I'm going to write a paper on women colleges,
how sex segregated class romms work, if women at women's colleges do
better (mainly in sciences, maths) than women who go to co-ed universities
et c.  Women's colleges don't exist in Sweden and will be something new to
both my class mates and my professor. I have spent one year at Mt. Holyoke
College, so I do have some experience myself. I would like to hear both
personal opinions/experiences and get hold of some hard facts/studies done
in the area. As a background, I can tell you that at the present there is
a big discussion at my university on how to get more women into the
sciences and maths, both a the undergraduate and graduate level.

Please reply either directly to me: Karin.Rengefors at limno.uu.se or to the

Thank you,

Karin Rengefors

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