women's colleges

Karin Rengefors Karin.Rengefors at limno.uu.se
Fri Nov 24 10:42:07 EST 1995

Do women who graduate from women's colleges achieve better (in sciences)
than women who go to co-ed colleges? I'd love to hear your personal
opinions, experiences, and where to get this sort of statistics. I'm a
graduate student in Sweden, where women's colleges are unheard of. There
is a big discussion going on at my university (and in the country) on how
to get more women to study sciences and maths, and to do their Ph D's in
these subjects. Since I've spent one year at Mount Holyoke college, I
wanted to present this subject in the class I'm taking right now, which is
on women and (their) research in the sciences.

Please respond to the newsgroup or directly to me: Karin.Rengefors at limno.uu.se

Thank you,


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