Would part-time science help?

cristine jennifer cooper cjcooper at nwu.edu
Sat Nov 25 01:04:31 EST 1995

As a first year graduate student, I have already learned a lot about how 
this "system" works.  The "old boys network" glares at me.  The 
publish/perish and elusive tenure possibilities seem to require ideas of 
motherhood and family be squelched.  Something about playing golf with a 
chain of the department for advancement does not seems to fit in with 
The eventual answers will come in numbers.  With more women in the field 
things will slowly change.  So first, women need to be supportive of 
other women.  The faculty should share their experiences and knowledge 
to new female students.  Since most of our interaction is with men we 
could really use some support.  I think these interactions would not 
only help women stay in their programs but also foster the break down of 
the boys club in the future.
We should also be on the "band wagon" with getting employers to provide 
entended hour/on site childcare.
With the support of other women, an men too, we could try and have more 
departmental/school support for women that have families.  Maybe 
increase the at home computor access for journals and such.  Hire some 
faculty that primarily lecture and aren't trying to cram in research 
too.  (I come from a large research univeristy that said all faculty 
have to teach every other quarter.  This left students with poor quality 
lectures by some faculty that did not want to be there.  I think the 
large sophomore courses could be taught by someone that enjoys teaching 
and wants to primarily do that.  the policy also did not take into 
account of overseeing a lab and providing guidance to those students).  
Otherwise deligate out some of the additional demands of faculty.

I wish us all the best.

C. Cooper

cjcooper at nwu.edu

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