netiquette, WAS teratogens in molecular biol labs?

Patricia Schwalm pschwalm at
Sat Nov 25 16:57:36 EST 1995

Ms. S.J. Rickard (srickard at wrote:
: Dear Sarah Pallas,
: Does it really matter if Una misquoted you, the point she was making was 
: very valid. I think perhaps you have overanalysed this one. I am sure Una 
: is aware "netiquette" and doesn't need a telling off over the internet.
: Sarah-who-works-with-Una

Of *course* it matters when you are misquoted on Usenet. How would
you feel if you were misquoted in a scientific journal? Sarah Pallas
didn't single out anyone to "tell off"; she simply pointed out such
sloppy editing is improper. I get *very* angry when I see my name
attributed to something I didn't write.


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