Beth Shuster eoshuster at UCDAVIS.EDU
Mon Nov 27 19:53:10 EST 1995

  Just to add my 2 cents & (hopefully calm things down a bit).

  Yes, it matters when someone is misquoted. Some threads in this group
have included posts from people with widely disparate views and/or
experiences. It's not fair to anyone to confuse authorship, especially when
others may know them ONLY through their posts to this group.  Remember that
we have a worldwide audience, some of whom may know one or more of the
participants in any discussion, even if only through prior discussions in
this group or through crossing paths at a single meeting in the past.  Also
remember that some readers will see only the response and not the original

   However, there are kinder & gentler ways of making the correction.  When
I am misquoted in similar situations (i.e., quoted as initiator of the
exchange, when I was merely replying to a post), I send a correction to the
individual, not to the whole newsgroup.  I also try to phrase the
correction nicely - along the lines of:

  "Thanks for your reply, but the original message came from "name" at
<e-mail address>.  My message, indicating that "blah,blah, blah", was in
response to hers/his."

  This gets the message across without public embarrasment and it is
unlikely, that once reminded, the individual will make the same mistake
again.  In fact, I have often received a rueful apology.

  Just remember that all of us were new to this game once & even though we
may have read all of the pertinent "netiquette" guidelines before posting,
it's easy to make mistakes the first few times out (or when extremely tired
- those first few months post-partum, in the middle of teaching or during
the weeks right before a grant deadline can be pretty wearing!).


Beth Shuster
Univ. of California, Davis
eoshuster at

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