Would part-time science help?

Catherine Patterson cpatterson at WATSON.PRINCETON.EDU
Wed Nov 29 10:41:43 EST 1995

junekk at aol.com (JuneKK) says:

>Women principle investigators MAY  be more receptive to having their
>graduate student/post-doc, etc to taking time out to have a kid, but they
>are also under the same pressures as everyone else:  publish or perish -
>to get  funding, to advance in one's career.  Having a full-time person...

As a graduate student I have asked around about tolerance for child bearing
while working in the laboratory.  The impression we have (on the east coast
at least) is that the women PIs, generalizing of course, are actually less
tolerant than the men, of pregnancies while doing research.  What have your
experiences been, or what have you heard?


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