Ms U.L. Fairbrother ufairbro at
Wed Nov 29 07:33:10 EST 1995

On 27 Nov 1995, Beth Shuster wrote:

>   Just to add my 2 cents & (hopefully calm things down a bit).
>   Yes, it matters when someone is misquoted.
>    However, there are kinder & gentler ways of making the correction. 
>   "Thanks for your reply, but the original message came from "name" at
> <e-mail address>.  My message, indicating that "blah,blah, blah", was in
> response to hers/his 

Sorry  for the misquote, and thanks Beth for such a sweet letter.  What 
happened was this.  I simply used the the reply command to what appeared 
to be the original post and it automatically says "so and so says:..."
Of course people should never be misquoted.  However, it was not the sort 
of misquote that would reach the papers!
Sorry for causing such a furore and sorry for the misquote! Forgiven???:>
Una the maggot 

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