netiquette WAS teratogens in molecular biol labs?

Sarah L. Pallas spallas at
Wed Nov 29 16:13:58 EST 1995

Subject: Re: netiquette, WAS teratogens in molecular biol labs?
From: Ms. S.J. Rickard, srickard at
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 1995 15:29:41 +0000
In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.951124152718.5783B-100000 at tin> Ms. S.J.
Rickard, srickard at writes:
>Dear Sarah Pallas,
>Does it really matter if Una misquoted you, the point she was making was 
>very valid. I think perhaps you have overanalysed this one. I am sure
>is aware "netiquette" and doesn't need a telling off over the internet.

I hardly think my request to correctly quote posts constituted a
"telling-off".  I thought it was a polite and generally relevant request
and I'm sorry if it was not interpreted that way.  While in this case
there was no damage, some of the discussions on internet groups can get
quite heated (like this one?) and I stand by my assertion that people
generally want to be quoted correctly.  If your system allows it, posts
should always be checked before sending them out.  I know I've really put
my foot in my mouth when I've failed to do that in the past, so I'm
speaking from experience.

Sarah Pallas
Asst. Professor
Baylor College of Medicine

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