A question

Jenny Jenny at howl.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 29 04:18:32 EST 1995

I'm sorry if I am posting this question to the wrong newsgroup.  Can't
quite think which newsgroup might be more appropriate. 

I'm in England and my dad is a stroke victim.  We've been told that
the US and UK methods of managing stroke victims are different.  The
physio we spoke to thought the American methods were better.  She had
seen them demonstrated but couldn't remember them very clearly.  She
said we should try and find out about them so we can help Dad with
them when he comes home. 

Does anyone know of what these differences are and how we, at home,
can enable Dad to make maximum recovery?

Again, sorry if this is not the right group.  Would be very grateful
if anyone has any suggestions.  Please email as I can't always get
access to newsgroups.  

***** Jenny *****

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