Would part-time science help?

JuneKK junekk at aol.com
Thu Nov 30 07:49:42 EST 1995

<<As a graduate student I have asked around about tolerance for child
bearing while working in the laboratory.  The impression we have (on the
east coast at least) is that the women PIs, generalizing of course, are
actually less tolerant than the men, of pregnancies while doing research. 
What have your experiences been, or what have you heard?>>

Although I am a post-doc (also on the east coast) who has worked with
women advisors (dissertation and post-doc), I can't really personally say
what it would be like to have kids at either level (no kids yet!). 
However, I'd like to think that to some extent they'd be as accomodating
as men advisors.  I am sure that there are of course, exceptions.  I
really feel that the more stress there is in getting funding, the less
tolerant a PI will (or can) be.

     However,  I can think of 2 occasions of friends who have already had
kids and worked in science:  1) one mother (an MD) of two worked in one of
my labs briefly, and appeared to have some difficulty in maintaining this 
rigorous schedule (of handling both)-  I think that as a result, some
friction was apparent between her and the (woman) advisor, but a lot of
good work came out of the relationship anyway; 2)  another friend in
graduate school, who was male(!) had kids while doing his dissertation and
teaching.  His wife was also in a graduate program.  It was NOT uncommon
for him to bring his kids to class (they sat in the back of the room with
a friend), while he taught!  As I understand it, his (male) advisor was
okay with this situation.  

I'm curious, what have other people out there found??

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