Would part-time science help?

Janet Rosen NNFQ99A at prodigy.com
Thu Nov 30 13:58:04 EST 1995

What a timely and important topic!!!!  I quit academic research after 
having my second child.  I spent 9 years completing my Ph.D. "part-time" 
so my first child would know my name.  All my colleagues were very 
supportive at that time, however following graduation when we were 
discussing grant proposals and my future salary support, what a frigid 
reaction I got when I suggested continuing "part-time" on a permanent 
basis now that I had my Ph.D.  It was clear that to be a serious 
"contender" I had to commit the 60 plus hours a week that was expected to 
receive the necessary support for academic success.  That's when I left.  
Since then I have spent my time teaching at local colleges while my kids 
are in school, since I have found that as they get older it becomes even 
more important for a parent to be there to get them off in the morning 
and welcome them home after school.  I do miss research terribly however 
and would love a 25 hour a week job (9:30 to 2:30).  Why  this should be 
so hard to do, I have no idea, however, I have not yet found the facility 
willing to make the move to accomodate parents committed to being home 
with their kids!!!


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