"Hardball for women" WAS: DO women do science differently????

Jane Dorweiler dorwe001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Thu Nov 30 13:59:02 EST 1995

In message SLForsburg writes:
> I dont think I should have to behave like an aggressive male to succeed in
>  science. I'm not male and dont want to be. Some people
> will argue that that is the way science is, and read it and weep;  
> the "it's aman's world" argument. I disagree; I think science is about 
> doing good work  and people  should be judged on their work,
> not their networking or blustering or aggression or self-promotion.  
> (Aside:  Ever noticed how an aggressive man is just aggressive 
> but an aggressive woman is a bitch?)
This point is addressed in a book I am currently reading:  Hardball for Women by
Pat Heim.  She doesn't advocate becoming male-like in one's approach, but 
knowing what a competing male's approach might be, so that one can be prepared 
either with a defense, or anticipate it an beat them to the offense, on your own
terms.  Men view work as a game, and they play hard and to WIN.  She offers us 
the opportunity to make informed decisions about how and when we choose to play.

It is so enlightening.  Heim is very sensible.  She explains the
origins of the different sociological cultures that boys and girls are brought
up with, not to divide the genders, or exacerbate stereotypes, but to increase
our awareness that they really are there.  

I strongly recommend it.  If you've ever felt like you "lost" in any conflict
situation, HATE conflict in the first place, have difficulty with criticism,...
I urge you to check it out.  It ran me $12, and it was well worth it.  If you
aren't sure, look for it at your local Barnes and Noble bookstore...or
equivalent, grab a comfy chair in the corner, and read the first chapter.  It is
a quick and easy read.  That's "Hardball for Women" by Dr. Pat Heim, Plume
Books.  I found it in the "general business" section.    Wishing you
enlightening reading.

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