Would part-time science help?

jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu
Thu Nov 30 12:43:48 EST 1995

In article <v01530500ace21f77ce7c@[]>, cpatterson at WATSON.PRINCETON.EDU (Catherine Patterson) writes:
>junekk at aol.com (JuneKK) says:
>>Women principle investigators MAY  be more receptive to having their
>>graduate student/post-doc, etc to taking time out to have a kid, but they
>>are also under the same pressures as everyone else:  publish or perish -
>>to get  funding, to advance in one's career.  Having a full-time person...
>As a graduate student I have asked around about tolerance for child bearing
>while working in the laboratory.  The impression we have (on the east coast
>at least) is that the women PIs, generalizing of course, are actually less
>tolerant than the men, of pregnancies while doing research.  What have your
>experiences been, or what have you heard?
I have direct evidence of this, but I would believe this to be true as well.


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