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Fri Oct 6 14:36:29 EST 1995

In article <451j18$i6d$1 at>, Deborah A. Steinberg <73414.707 at CompuServe.COM> writes:
> Regarding asking for help on the net:
> For those who find help requests displeasing, my suggestion is- 
> Don't read them.  There are many people, including myself, who 
> find sharing our knowledge with others who have a mutual 
> interests quite satisfying.  

I agree with this up to a point, but this puts me to mind of something that
appeared on bionet.general recently.  A high school student had asked for
information about jellyfish for a report.  Apparently he got a lot of e-mail
that told him to go to the library and look it up for himself.  In response to
this he posted an angry letter.

One thing in the letter struck me.  It was to the effect of, "What, do you tell
each other to go to the library?!"  My first thought was, "Um, nobody has to
tell us.  We go look things up on our own."  However, as has been pointed out,
we often ask someone what the best starting place might be.  

Generally I ignore the 'tell me about x' posts, but will answer (when it's 
appropriate) when someone asks a fairly specific question.  I don't think 
Monica deserved public abuse, and she's behaved pretty gracefully through it


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