2 Uterus'es and 2 Cervic's???

Carla Ann Hass CAH19 at psuvm.psu.edu
Sun Oct 8 15:47:42 EST 1995

John Beck wrote:

>My wife and I are trying to have children.
>She went to have a sono-gram today and the doctor told her she has two
>uterus'es and two cervics.
>Could someone tell mean what that means??
>What are the chances of us having children??


   I don't mean for this to sound flip, but what did her doctor say?  I
think that he/she would be in a better position to provide info since
he/she has the sonogram.  If her doctor is not communicative/informative
I would get a second opinion.  So many developmental anomalies are know in
humans that I think anything is possible, although I have not heard of a
condition such as you describe.  I hope that you can find a physician who
can answer your questions.

Carla Hass
Biology Dept.
Penn State
University Park, PA

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