Toxicology Anyone?

Darryl E Brock debroc at
Mon Oct 9 21:21:54 EST 1995

There should be a great deal of information on toxicology out and about.  
The standard text is Casarett and Doull's TOXICOLOGY and A. Wallace 
Hayes has a fine text entitled PRINCIPLES AND METHODS OF TOXICOLOGY.  In 
terms of more general career information, try the Society of Toxicology.  
I do not have contact information, but this should easily be obtained 
from any library's Directory of Associations.  

A course on toxicology for people interested in preparing for the DABT 
exam is the Mid-America Toxicology Course taught by Dr. Curtis D. 
Klaassen, an editor of Casarett and Doull.  He is located at the U of 
Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City (913-588-7714, fax 913-588-7501).

There is also a toxicology newsgroup somewhere on the web.  I have seen 
it before, but as I am a neophyte newsgroup user, I am not sure if it is 
at bionet or where.

If you have more detailed questions, you may e-mail to me and I will 
present it to one of our corporate toxicologists for followup.


Darryl E. Brock
Monsanto Company 
St. Louis, Missouri
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