rapienmk at rapienmk at
Sun Oct 15 15:42:04 EST 1995

Hi!  I am preparing to attend graduate school next year and yesterday I took
the GREs.  The general test went well, but i'm very nervous about the bio
subject test.  I feel like I have a good biology background, but it seemed
like much of what was on the test I had not had before.  It was a lot of
molecular bio, which is not my strongest point (I've taken more organismal
courses).  So my question is, how important are the GREs anyway?  I have
gotten all A's in my bio classes and my  overall GPA is above a 3.5.  So even
if I did poorly on the test, will graduate schools still accept me?  Some of
them do not even require the subject test, but they recommend it.  Does that
mean it can only help me and not hurt me to take it?  I suppose if worse comes
to worse I will take a year off then retake the test and go to grad school the
following year, but I really feel ready for grad school now.  I have had
research experience and although I have not published anything, I feel
confident that I can be successful in a PhD program.  What do you think?  do
GRE scores matter that much in light of other things (such as grades and
research experience)?  I really need some to hear some opinions on this!


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