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Wed Oct 18 12:35:46 EST 1995

On 10/18, Laura Hyatt wrote:

>...I am a little
>perturbed when the admissions committee in my program writes people
>off on the basis of such exam results.
>I, personally resolve to look
>beyond numbers if I'm ever on an admissions committe myself.

  I agree with these sentiments, but only up to a certain point.  While GRE
scores are NOT the only, or even the most certain, predictors of success in
graduate school, the combination of GRE score and GPA can allow a certain
level of triage on a large stack of applications.

  I can attest to the fact that there aren't enough hours in the day to
carefully read every single file.  I would prefer to have the time to spend
carefully examining the files of students who meet certain minimum
standards.  Usually, the top candidates are obvious to everyone, as are the
poorest.  The latter are nearly uniformally categorized by a combination of
poor GREs AND poor GPA.  The murky middle ground is where the tough
decisions need to be made.  I'd rather spend my time on those.

my $0.02


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