interview attire

Rachelle J. Bienstock rachelle at
Wed Oct 18 10:58:21 EST 1995

my advice would be that it doesn't matter so much specifically
what you wear as the overall impression which you give- look neat
and professional- obviously don't wear anything stained, dirty or
torn, but I think it matters little whether you wear a dress, suit,
or professional looking pantsuit.  I wouldn't wear a dress or skirt
too short, and I would be very conservative on any make-up.  People
take in more the overall impression which you generate rather than 
specifics...Also, make sure you can walk in your interview shoes...
i.e. if you are used to wearing Reeboks and jeans and this is the
first time you are wearing shoes with any sort of heel sometimes it
can be a little bit difficult...

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