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>>While the totally cross dressing look may not work in all 
>>situatiosn its how confident you fell and project compared to 
>>how you look.
>>	I am currently a postdoc with a postdoc's limited wardrobe.  I have an interview in industry next week for a staff scientist posit=
>ion so I need to do some quick shopping.  I'm seeing references to interview attire for postdoc interviews but does this hold in the=
> next career phase?  How might industry differ from academics in this regard?  I need help fast!

I interviewed for 3 faculty positions and 1 industry position in a fairly
conservative, navy blue, wool, Ann Taylor coat dress (like a suit) with a
magenta silk camisole showing a bit for color.  This was in '93 and I was
offered two of the faculty positions and came in second for the industry
position.  I personally feel that it is important to dress up more than you
would for everyday work (although most people here do dress up on the days that
they lecture).  If you have a good publication record it goes without saying
that you "get your hands dirty" in the lab.  We did interview a number of
people last year and I noticed no one dressed up as much as I did (and one of
them did get the job).


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