Need Info to Reply to Sexist

Anita Ebenezer ebenezer at
Sat Oct 21 21:11:01 EST 1995

Hello out there!

	I am currently doing research for an ONLINE Directory of Women 
Mentors.  This directory will be used by women to discuss professional 
questions and concerns with other, more experienced, women (eg handling 
sexual discrimination and/or harassment; communicating in a male 
dominated environment, how to balance work and family ...).  

	A member of my team received a message from a professional 
educator which we found rather shocking.  This person did not agree with 
our mandate because he believed it was "sexist".  

	The fact of the matter is that a level playing field does not 
exist for many professional women.  Further, women face a number of 
different and complicated issues which their male colleagues often don't 
understand. I would like to respond with some hard facts and persuasive

	I would appreciate any info or insight you might have to bolster my 

		Thanking you,

			(ebenezer at

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