Getting girls interested in computers, science, and the Internet

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>I don't have a lot of experience with the internet but I just recently 
>became involved in a national program designed by the Boston Museum of 
>Science.  They match adult scientists with several groups, or a class, 
>of kids from grades 4 through 9.  Then they give the kids a "packet" of 
>experiments that investigate a range of scientific principles in action 
>in real life.  The current packet is called Science of Sports and looks 
>at center of mass, inertia, etc. The kids work through the excercises 
>and send their data to their mentor scientist.  To conclude a long 
>story, 9 out of 12 of my kids are girls. This is a great program for 
>parents/teachers to suggest if they are looking to get their kids 
>involved in science.  Talk to Melissa Cotter, 1-800-729-3300, at the 
>Museum of Science if you want more information.  I'm having alot of fun 
>with this.
Hmm... this reminds me of a progr I once participatd in at the Boston Museum of
Science ..."Women in Science" female science student was selected
from different area high schools and we came to the museum and were "trained"in
specific experiements and presentations which we did during the exhibit while
families and younger girls toured the exhibit and asked us questions etc...I
had a lot of fun...and the people at the Museum will be glad to know that they
convinced me to become a "woman in science" ...I am now a third year grad
student in neurobiology :-)


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