Searching for Professional Women Mentors

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Mon Oct 23 10:28:36 EST 1995

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>>Dear Professional Women:
>>	As a female university student, I believe that few resources 
>>exist for young women to interact with successful professional women who 
>>could be extremely valuable as both information sources and mentors as we try 
>>to find our footing in our chosen career paths.
>Would this be available to professors only, or would female graduate students
>also be included?  I feel, as a grad student, that access to other graduate 
>students might also be helpful (and helpful to undergrad students who may 
>have some questions about grad school that current students could answer!!)
>Jessica Malberg
>Graduate Student, University of Chicago
>#1 Bad Question to ask a Grad Student:
>"How many years have you been a grad student????"
If you include female grad students, I'd like to be involved as well!
Jen Coleman
Graduate Student, Mount Sinai Medical Center

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