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Mon Oct 23 16:27:14 EST 1995

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>>>I am currently doing research for an ONLINE Directory of Women 
A member of my team received a message from a professional 
educator which we found rather shocking.  This person did not agree with 
our mandate because he believed it was "sexist".  <<<

This argument gets trotted out every time women attempt to do anything
with or for other women. The best response I've been able to come up with
is to ignore the "sexist" bait, and use something along the lines of "This
is something we are doing for women because we saw a need for it and
decided to respond to that need. If you are arguing that men shouldn't be
excluded because they also have a need for this, then why don't you start
organizing one for men?" With emphasis on the "Why don't you" part. One
reason I like this response is that it turns the attention away from what
you are doing and puts it on what they're _not_ doing. It tends to point
out that they're not being constructive and are really just whining.


Sherry Marts
American Health Assistance Foundation

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