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article <46g4q5$2o9 at>, ravenn at (ROSBF) writes:
>jcoleman at gave us this to ponder:
>>I too have a problem with these GPA cut offs...mainy because it doesn't allow
>>people to make mitakes in college and correct them. I started out in college as
>>a chemical engineering major which was, to say the least, A BIG MISTAKE.
>>Engineering GPA are usually lower on average than other college major, I had
>>about a 2.5 to 2.7 which I thought was horrible but was considered in good
>>standing anyway....I wasn't one of the excellent engineering jocks but I was
>>considered average. I tried hard for two years to please my parents and finally
>>decided this wasn't my thing, so I switched to psychology major with electives
>>in biology and neurobiology....GPA switched to a 3.7 to 4.0....leaving me
>>overall with a 3.3....beneath many schools' automatic cutoffs, even though I
>>was apply to neurobiology/medical programs...which didn't bother to notice I
>>changed majors after sophomore year.....other friends who stayed one major and
>>would take difficult course because they didn't want to bring down their GPA
>>got in to the same programs.  ---- is there a problem, you bet ya.
>You raise a very good point.  But admissions committees should be
>bright anough to take this into consideration I think.  What about
>those people who go to college and party their freshman year and do
>miserably, then turn around and get to work and make wonderful grades?
>The applications for Howard Houghes and NSF Predoc fellowships asked
>for your transcript but also had you list only courses relevant to
>science in a section.  (At least they did this was a while ago.)
>That might be a better may for graduate schools to go.  That way they
>would have your entire transcript and your group of relevant courses
>as well.  
>Ok Jen let's start our own university.  What should we call it? 8)
I applied to both Howard Hughes and NSF PreDOc (NSF PreDoc honorable mention
actually *proud* *sort of*) But for me it wouldn't help because my engineering
courses ARE considered science and my psychology ones are not. It is sort of a
weird problem and I suppose is directly related to exactly WHAT is the
appropriate undergraduate training for grad school in neurobiology? We have bio
majors, molecular majors, psych majors and neuro majors in my program....not to
mention one anthropology major :-)

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