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Wed Oct 25 16:10:00 EST 1995

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> Dear Professional Women:

....Recognizing this, three female classmates and I at Simon Fraser 
> University in Vancouver, Canada, propose to publish on the internet, a 
> Women's Information Networking Directory (W.I.N.) of professional women
> willing to be electronically asscessible to young women seeking career
> and educational advice.
>         We are seeking the support of women willing to participate by 
> providing a brief biography that would include information on career 
> paths as well as an e-mail address.  These women would be committing to 
> electronically answering queries, but would also be able to exclude 
> themselves from the program at any time they wish.
I would like to support this idea but it would be difficult to be "on
call" electronically on a continuing basis.  I tend to 'lurk' here to
help out when I can, but many days I don't have the time to logon and
there are also many times when I don't even have time to go to the
bathroom let alone answer any correspondences.  I would be too daunting
to be listed for info, then not have time to answer questions.  After
all, isn't this forum supposed to fulfill this role without obligating
us 'professionals' from answering everytime there is a query?  

Any discussion?  (Sarah, are you listening?)

Rae Nishi
Associate Professor
Dept. Cell & Developmental Biology
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland Oregon 97201
**that's Orygun, NOT Ora-Gone**

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