Getting girls interested in computers, science, and the Internet

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In article <46r4hi$hbu at>, nishir at (Rae Nishi) writes:
>A couple of stories just hit the news about teenage girls who were
>interested in the internet--- they were frequent users of a teenage
>chat site and were pursuaded to meet one of the "boys"-- turned out
>that they were middle-age men who proceeded to kidnap and rape them
>(within the span of two days, these were two separate incidents).  This
>sort of thing frightens me (I have two girls).  How do you protect them
>against such assaults?  Let's face it, even though our kids start out
>using the internet as an educational resource, there's plenty of
>'other' entertainment online, including pornography-- they're bound to
>get into it... 
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>**that's Orygun, NOT Ora-Gone**
You have to let your children know that a stranger is a stranger and while the
people on the internet seem friendly and pleasant it is very easy to lie when
no one can see you or prove you wrong....that this is NOT real's ok
to talk on the net but don't be fooled into thinking that everything you are
told is the smart and be savvy.  Talk but don't give your full name,
don't agree to meet people (I think this holds more for young children, I have
met several people from the net in real life and had no problems thus far but I
am 25 years old and better at judging people's intentions), don't give your
home address or where you go to school etc...I guess the basic idea is not be
very specific about details that could identify you or where you live. I have
often been "propositioned" on the net but I don't give out any identifying
info...or at least not enough for the person to show up at my house ;-) I think
the idea is not to forbid the net...which will make you look old and out of
it...and make it look more appealing...but to be honest is talk
but meeting people is another thing entirely.


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