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Sun Oct 29 14:28:19 EST 1995

> could be published in a prestigious journal.  My three choices are:  Me, John,
> Boss; John, Me, Boss; or an outside possibility, John, Boss, Me (but I don't
> know how happy the boss would be about this one, since last author position
> is usually reserved for the P.I.).  Another solution that I've employed from
> grad school is to put an asterisk next to two authors names, and write "these
> authors contributed equally to this work."  John has spent the most person-
> hours on the project, I will have designed and implemented the technique and
> done most of the writing, as well as brought my boss' pie in the sky idea
> down to a do-able reality.  I will be looking for a job in the not too distant
> future and another first author publication could really make a difference.
> There are good arguments for either of us to be first author, and I want to be
> fair.  What do other people think?

I am also a grad student and i have to admit that i agree with the "you,
"john" boss" scenario.....the first author needs to know the project
inside and out and will be the person contacted when there are
questions....i think "john" should be consulted about this, and certainly
second author but it doesn't sound as if he contributed intellectually to
the project and until he is able to do so, should not have

congratulations to both of you though.

michelle (still authorless after all these years)


or Michelle

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