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ROSBF ravenn at
Tue Oct 31 02:40:03 EST 1995

sll2s at gave us this to ponder:

>Since we are on the general topic of authorship, I have a question.  I am
>getting ready to publish my first paper and I was wondering whether anyone has
>any opinions as to using initials vs. full first/middle name, assuming the
>journal gives you a choice. The journal I'm publishing in does give a choice
>and I've decided to use my initials only.  My reasoning is that by only using
>my initials the reader cannot be biased as to the sex of the author(s) and
>evaluates the paper on its merits alone.  I don't know the frequency that such
>bias occurs or if it matters (if the reader met me he/she would find out soon
>enough that I'm female).

>Any thoughts,

>S. L. Osowski

Well it has worked tremendously well for me on the nets.  Going by my
initial has given me some great insight and not a few terribly funny

I guess it all depends on you.

I don't know what field you are in obviously, but if your work is good
and I assume it is, why would you worry if they know you are a woman?

I go by an initial on the nets to prevent the "wanna ...?" s from
occuring.  Not a real need with academic publication I hope!


Seriously do what makes you comfortable.


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