Getting girls interested in computers, science, and the Internet

Patricia Schwalm pschwalm at
Tue Oct 31 09:53:39 EST 1995

Donna Woodka (woodka at wrote:

: focus of my book will be the positive aspects of the Internet. I see the 
: Internet as an educational and research tool, however, and not the commercial
: mall or chat room that seems to be getting all the publicity lately. And
: "Internet pornography" is highly over-rated and over-publicized as well - my
: kids have seen more naked bodies on the newstands than on the Internet. 

I agree. I missed the original post; and though I'm always leary of
people "writing books" I'll share this anecdote. My daughter had
to write a research paper on Harvard University. Through Loyola's
in-house newsgroups (sort of a mini-college community) I learned
my sysop got his Ph.D. there. I suggested my daughter "interview"
him electronically (they were being graded in part on diversity
of references). He bent over backwards to be helpful. She wound
up with a disk of pictures and maps from Harvards web page, and
the email interview. She seemed unimpressed by his perfect SATs/GREs
and when she asked about his grades, he admitted to receiving
a "B" once. I had to chuckle when I read her *written* report:
"You don't have to have straight "A's" to get into Harvard."
She got an"A" on the report.   8-)

BTW, we do have a variety of games like SimCity on the Mac,
and although I make no pretense that they are "educational"
at least my kids are quite adept with basic computer operations.


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