feminism and science

Chris Boake boake at utkvx.utk.edu
Fri Sep 1 16:12:00 EST 1995

Cameron Smith <cameron at ecst.csuchico.edu> wrote:
>I am a grda student in Communications and I am writing my thesis on the
>rhetoric used in the sciences. I am largely taking a feminist perspective
>to illustrate how the sciecne are not value-free, objective, truth
>finding disciplines

Do you see this statement as a hypothesis to test, or are you intending to demonstrate a viewpoint that you already hold?  At the very least, you need to distinguish between science as a process, and the scientists who practice it.  "Science" itself is not sexist; those who were and are involved in it may be.  You might wish to examine Medawar's chapter on "Sexism and racism in science" in his book, Advice to a Young Scientist, for a clear exposition of the issue.

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