feminism and science

Elena Tabachnick etabachn at wppost.depaul.edu
Fri Sep 1 20:27:19 EST 1995

Cameron Smith <cameron at ecst.csuchico.edu> wrote:
> I am a grda student in Communications and I am writing my thesis on the 
> rhetoric used in the sciences. I am largely taking a feminist perspective 
> to illustrate how the sciecne are not value-free, objective, truth 
> finding disciplines but that they are tired to the same potential of all 
> disciplines to fall prey to sexis, racism, and all those other "isms".  
> If you are interested in this topic, or can suggest any readings, 
> authors,etc. please email em or post them to this group.  thanks
> cameron

I assume you've read the standards (Fox Keller, Merchant, etc.).  One 
book I've found interesting was _Reconstructing Babylon: Essays on 
Women and Technology_.  It does have some stuff on how social values 
constrain research programs, interpretation of data, etc. although
not specific to language.


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