feminist science; the sperm and the egg story

Catherine Patterson cpatterson at WATSON.PRINCETON.EDU
Thu Sep 7 14:25:31 EST 1995

Cameron Smith (cameron at ecst.csuchico.edu) wrote:
: I am looking at biology textbooks, specifically the human
: reproduction chapter. I have been intrigued when looking at biology
: textbooks which describe the sperm and egg meeting. Many of them read
: something like this:
:       " hunderds of thousands of sperm swim up the fallopian tubes and
: search of the single egg. Then when the sperm find the egg they swarm
: around it as if magnetized, and all attack the egg until one finally
: penetrates it..."

I agree with Laura Hyatt...

I suggest that Cameron watch a video of a 'fertilization in action'.

Good Luck Cameron.

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