feminist science; the sperm and the egg story

Paul Curtis Smith pcsmith at alpha2.csd.uwm.edu
Sat Sep 9 06:55:56 EST 1995

Judy E. Stern (Judy.E.Stern at DARTMOUTH.EDU) wrote:
: Hi,
: In response to the recent correspondence on sperm-egg interaction, you may want
: to make note of the following description which appeared in Discover Magazine
: in 1992.
: It may, after all, be as accurate as the earlier descriptions.

The description you quoted was from an article on this very issue (the
biased attribution of male/female stereotyped characteristics to the
behavior of sperm/eggs), wasn't it? I don't remember much about the article.
What kind of conclusions did it come to re. the ability of science to
overcome these biases? 


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