the feminist critique of science

muriel lederman mstorrie at
Sat Sep 9 09:39:43 EST 1995

I leave the country in 2 hr but I can't not stop and reply to several posts
that seem to show hostility to the feminist critique. In a nutshell -
alternative perspectives, whether those of oppressed groups or other
cultures ARE valuable. Without someone yelling, do you really think that
NIH would now require that experimental patient groups be composed of both
males and females? Before this, some of our taxes were spent to study
diseases that affect both sexes, only in males. Second - and not a flame!
it has been documented that women scientists are unaware or uninterested or
hostiel to the feminist critique. Some of us are not and think it is very
powerful in many ways - let us introduce you to it. See ya in a week!

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