the feminist critique of science

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Here, here, Karen!
You summed up my feelings quite well.  I struggled for a time with a 
desire to NOT be labelled a "feminist" because of the terrible backlash 
associated with the word.  But then as your post so nicely points out, 
"what word are we to use for the continuing struggle for equality and 
respect for WOMEN"?  I don't like "post feminist" since it implies that 
the feminist struggle is over.  This is clearly not the case for women on 
this planet. (Listen to the stories from the women who just 
returned from the Third International Conference on Women with 
Hillary Clinton in Beijing, China).
On 14 Sep 1995 15:31:40 GMT, 
Karen Allendoerfer  <ravena at> wrote:

>I find it very interesting (and just a bit disturbing) the wide variety of
>views of the usage of the word "feminism,"...snip...a post that claimed
>that "post-feminist" was the appropriate categorization for the idea that
>it's not so easy to divide the world into two sexes,
>two genders, two anything, was really a new one on me.  I thought that what
>feminism was all about was expanding (and dispensing with) rigid gender roles
>where appropriate, and allowing more choices for both men and women...This
>idea, that we don't want to categorize people by their gender,
>seems squarely feminist to me, not "post" anything...
>...snip... what word are we to use for the
>continuing struggle for equality and respect for women, both under the law,
>and in the unwritten norms of society?
>Karen Allendoerfer

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