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Sherry, Seline, and others;
You really made me think...I was too preoccupied to notice what really 
bothered me about posts like this and you hit the problem on the head!  I 
hope some of the people who write this jibberish were watching and will 
consider changing their ways!  Let's use ENGLISH to talk with one another, 
not some fabricated jargon designed to sensationalise the already 
important facts...

I will notice this problem quickly the next time!  And I plan to make 
constructive suggestions for revisions as you did, too.
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>>>>Edited excerpt from conference announcement:
>        Gendered, cultured, historicized, classed, raced and otherwise 
>situated women are routinely erased as actors in the production of 
>health, health care per se, as well as health politics and policy.Yet a 
>sea change has been occuring across many if not most segments of the 
>social sciences and humanities in terms of freshways of conceptualizing 
>multiplicities, multiculturalisms, cultural critiwues, bodies, 
>identities, marginalities, differences, women, subjects, objects, 
>communities, practices and an array of other elements linked to modernity 
>and post modernity. This Conference will draw on these new approaches to 
>again rupture increasingly biomedicalized frameworks of women's health.<<<
>Putting my keyboard where my mouth is, here's a (first draft)  re-write:
>"The presence of women in the arenas of health care, and health policy is
>often dismissed or ingnored. Women's roles in these arenas are restricted
>not only by gender discrimination, but by discrimination based on culture,
>class, raced, ability/disability, and other factors. Work in the social
>sciences and humanities provides new ways of thinking and talking about
>cultural diversity, subjectivity and objectivity, cultural and personal
>identity, marginalization, and other elements that have an impact on
>health policy and health care delivery. The Conference will use these new
>approaches to beginning to dismantle the too-rigid framework that
>restricts women's participation in the health care arena."

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