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Fri Sep 22 14:50:46 EST 1995

In article <44341.frest001 at> frest001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU ("Joy Frestedt") writes:
>Sherry, Seline, and others;
>You really made me think...I was too preoccupied to notice what really 
>bothered me about posts like this and you hit the problem on the head!  I 
>hope some of the people who write this jibberish were watching and will 
>consider changing their ways!  Let's use ENGLISH to talk with one another, 
>not some fabricated jargon designed to sensationalise the already 
>important facts...

One of the committees I sit on (can you say "sucker"?) has the enviable task 
of handing out money.  We recently rejected a proposal outright because it was 
written in this type of new age gobbledy-gook.  We couldn't figure out what 
was being said.  Dare I admit - some sentences were read outloud for the 
entertainment factor.  The submittor was informed that it seeemed that there 
might be a good idea in the proposal.  If it were re-submitted in English, it 
might have a chance.

Clarity of language makes a very real difference. (versus properness of 
language... ;-))


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